Outdoor Ed. Gets Recognized By: Alexandria Gray

Outdoor Ed. Gets Recognized!

Electra High School’s Outdoor Education class is being featured in a video by The Dallas Ecological Foundation’s Outdoor Adventures Education Program for being the most successful small school. The purpose of this is to promote the Outdoor Education Program to all of the United States. The Dallas Ecological Foundation’s Outdoor Adventures Education Program is designed to endorse outdoor activities to students and parents of any age. The EHS Outdoor Ed. Program was established in 2009 after, principal, Ben Frieling learned about it. The reasoning behind this change was to be to give non-athletic students a chance to have fun in Physical Education classes. The Physical Ed. Classes were on a downward spiral with the low amounts of students enrolling in it. The courses that are offered in this class are the following: hunting, boating, angling, and archery. Thanks to the efforts of making this class available roughly 85 students have been certified with a license in boating and hunting ed.

I talked to Coach Ryan Quillen (who teaches this course) and he gave me his thoughts on being featured. Q- “What do they mean by ‘the most successful small school’?” A- “It was built for larger schools, not very prominent in small schools. Electra was one of the first small schools to adopt the class. We even got a 3,000 dollar grant for supplies to teach the class (fishing poles, fake learning fish, bows, arrows, etc.).“ Q- “Do you think this attention will help Electra’s school system at all?” A- “Absolutely! Any good attention is good.” Q- “Why did the school district decide to begin these classes?” A- “We didn’t have as many kids in PE and athletics as we’d liked. So, we decided that this class would give a different twist and add interest in Physical Education.” Congratulations to the outdoor education students, Coach Quillen, and EHS in being recognized throughout the nation.


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